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E-bike and bike-theft protection via GPS

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Sometimes it can be pretty frustrating: You invest a high sum into a new bike, or you have been riding your bike for quite a while to work and back, and out of nowhere it is gone. Often, it is more than just a bike –  it is your everyday companion or stress release on the weekends or on holiday. Thieves are becoming ever bolder: Even with the best and most expensive U-locks bike-theft is very common these days. What if we had an alarm system for our bikes? An e-bike and bike-theft protection which delivers real-time information about the location of our bike? For personal interests and because we will no longer tolerate bike-theft we have been developing for several years: We offer you a bike-theft protection which works with a GPS-tracker, so that you can track your bike in real-time.

At a glance

  • exact GPS tracking
  • 3D gyro- and movement sensor
  • push alert on your smartphone
  • map projection and close area tracking
  • easy mounting and launching
  • intuitive handling
  • velocate app is free
  • requires blue tooth 4.0/BLE
velocate Smartphone-App

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How does the velocate theft protection work?

velocate is a bike-theft protection which is based on GPS-tracking. As a consequence you can log into the app and determine the location of your bike at any time. The device is well hidden: You can use the velocate backlight for example, which contains the tracker and is therefore invisible for thieves. The tracker is powered by a hub dynamo or by a Pedelec- or e-bike battery. Simplicity is really important to us: You only need the iOS or Android app to begin.

Leaving your bike without concerns?

Safety first with velocate!

The following is offered by your

velocate e-bike- and bike-theft protection

GPS Nahortung

Integrated GPS-tracking

  • can be tracked even without a GPS connection
  • tracker also works in buildings
velocate App

Controllable via app

  • easy installation
  • European-wide data volume included in the fee for the first year
Kein Aufladen notwendig

No charging necessary

  • automatic charging via dynamo
  • Pedelec/e-bike is charged via battery

European-wide tracking

  • ideal for bike tours abroad –  works European-wide
  • tracking worldwide also possible

The media’s opinion

velocate has been tested several times

The velocate backlight vc|one was very appealing to us.

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Denkbar einfache Funktionsweise


Thanks to velocate we were able to relocate our stolen bike in the Ukraine.

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